Sunday, September 20, 2009

Luke is 2!

On Saturday Luke turned two years old. It is so hard to believe that my baby is 2. Of course, I have nothing to compare Luke to but to me he is so smart and loving. He is the sweetest little boy. He just loves to be loved and give love. We had a great birthday party. He loves Elmo. I made Elmo cupcakes, invitations and balloons. Luke loved his balloons. I hung them from the living room ceiling so that they were at his level. He absolutely loved running and hitting them. We had burgers, chips and potato salad. Luke was blessed with lots and lots of gifts. It would take a long time to list them. Let's just say that he will be busy with his new toys for a long time. He will also be keep warm with all his new clothes this winter. Thank you everyone for coming to Luke's party and for all his wonderful gifts. The noisiest toys were given to Luke from my parents, paybacks. Ha-Ha.

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  1. I love the balloons! What a great idea to hang them from the ceiling!! Sounds like it was a fabulous party!!