Thursday, February 26, 2009

1st Hair Cut

We took Luke to get his first haircut yesterday. We took him to Snip It's, a children's salon, , if you want to check it out. A very cool place for little ones. They had cute little chairs that are made for kids, small aprons and wild colors all over the place. We were so proud of him, he didn't cry at all. He fussed a little bit when she would spray his hair with the water bottle. He seemed more fascinated then anything. He just looked all around and at the hair dresser. She knew what she was doing, you can tell she cuts kid's hair all day long. She was very quick and good. At the end of his haircut they have a " magic box" he puts this card into the box and out comes a hard plastic toy at the bottom, you know a vending machine dressed up with a hard purple plastic shell. He looks so handsome, like a little boy not a 17 months old. I forgot my camera but Greg took some pictures with his cell phone. I will see if I can download them. I took a few pictures once we got home. My good handsome boy.

(Before his hair cut)

(After the cut)

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