Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On a Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

(Since his little legs are not long enough, daddy had to push the car.
This is what Luke did once daddy stopped pushing the car. Ha-Ha)

(Such a cutie)

(Like his momma, loves the Mustangs!)

(Look out girls, a heartbreaker behind the wheel)

This past Sunday the weather was beautiful! It was 72 and sunny. Our friends have a kid's motorized Mustang car. They were out with and needed to wash the mud off, so they brought the car over to our house to wash the mud off. They left it here to airdry and guess who spotted it. He couldn't and wouldn't wait for anyone to help him. He decide to climb in all on his own. Luke's short little legs weren't quite long enough to reach the gas petal. Daddy had to push the car around in the driveway, this didn't last too long. Enjoy the pictures of little man in his borrowed ride.

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