Saturday, March 14, 2009

Luke loves his mommy and daddy

Luke loves to sleep with his mommy and daddy. We are slowly getting him to sleep in his own bed. He is getting better at that but when he does sleep with us, he likes to sleep on top of you. When he wakes up in the middle of the night we will come crawling over to you and lay his head on your opposite shoulder all snuggled up. We are not sure how he decides to snuggle with whom each time, it may be random. One time it will be with me the next time it is with Greg. What's funny is he is the smallest one in the bed but he takes up the most room. He likes to be right next to you and you move over to get some space and next thing you know you are about to fall off the bed. This would be the reason it is time for Luke to move into his own bed. :) He still wakes up during the night but usually goes right back to sleep. Although, I have noticed when he does wake in the night he is pissed. He will thrash about kicking his legs and arms followed by a cry. He is not a happy camper. This last about a minute. Anyway, take a look at these pictures. It was last Saturday night and Greg and I were watching a movie in the living room. Luke was playing on the couch and next I know I feel him snuggle up behind and he was out.

(He didn't even wake up when we moved him, he's sitting up here knocked out)

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