Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Skater Boy

On St. Patrick's day, an 18 month old little boy rides his dads skateboard. The moment he arrived home from daycare, he asked for the board in his sweet question like manner, booard? Now that the weather has warmed up he wants to ride the board everyday. He has discovered the freedom of coasting on the board. He will ride the board with his dad for a little while but now that he has discovered coasting, he prefers to coast on his own. He peddled himself back and forth about 30 times this afternoon while mom and dad watched and laughed. We all spent about and hour outside and enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine. The night before when Luke was brought in for dinner he threw an absolute fit but tonight this 18 month old little boy peddle himself right out. He did not put up a fight or fuss one word. We walked on in on his own accord and washed his hands like a good little boy and ate his dinner. We hope you enjoy Luke's debut skating video. Dad says Luke likes to shred! (must include the proper lingo ya know)

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